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    People say that the performances are kind of like watching a private conversation—and we haven’t played a show in a while. Do you think it was harder for Jamie since, at the same time, he’s gained this notoriety for something besides music? Sometimes that gets more attention than the actual music; the progression from album to album. “The Kills are too cool.” There’s been an on-and-off relationship with the music press that loves us and then hates us then loves us again. A modified client application can send arbitrary user IDs to your server to impersonate users, so you must instead use verifiable ID tokens to securely get the user IDs of signed-in users on the server xhr = new XMLHttp Request(); xhr.open('POST', 'https://yourbackend.example.com/tokensignin'); Request Header('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); xhr.onload = function() ; xhr.send('idtoken=' id_token);import com.client.oauth2. OAuth2(CLIENT_ID, '', ''); client.verify Id Token( token, CLIENT_ID, // Or, if multiple clients access the backend: //[CLIENT_ID_1, CLIENT_ID_2, CLIENT_ID_3], function(e, login) ); from oauth2client import client, crypt # (Receive token by HTTPS POST) try: idinfo = client.verify_id_token(token, CLIENT_ID) # Or, if multiple clients access the backend server: #idinfo = client.verify_id_token(token, None) #if idinfo['aud'] not in [CLIENT_ID_1, CLIENT_ID_2, CLIENT_ID_3]: # raise crypt. But sometimes we do not receive an OTA as soon as it is out due to regional limitations. The best way to fix any possible causes of Status 7 Error is to restore your device to stock by flashing the stock firmware. Unzip it to find the file and flash it using ADB command: To find detailed guide on flashing factory images on Nexus devices, click here.

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    ”Show and Grace are currently in a stable relationship despite previous rumours of them splitting up and have been dating since they were spotted in Tokyo two years ago.Grace is also said to have already met Show’s parents.[/FONT][/COLOR] Taiwan’s wealthy son (also known as Da Lang) heads to Hang Zhou to study.When his classmates bully him, senior Bao Zhu lends a helping hand, and the 2 begin their first relationship.One day, Taiwan’s advertising firm comes to the school to hold a ‘Queen Sweetheart’ competition. he really has aged then, the hair doesnt help him look any younger either.Bao Zhu wins first place, and from then on, everyone calls her ‘sweetheart’. Most of the time i feel like he's just delivering out a line and not really acting. Ive only seen him in my lucky star and i think his acting in there was a bit better than this one . The scene with the accident in HSM made Rainie burst out into tears because it reminded her of the accident scene of Lee Wei's ex girlfriend. yea i heard that it wasnt going by novel too but i like how the series is going atm yea im like you got tired of waiting for it to come out every week and then get subbed. But wow Vivian looks like she's in her teens when she's already 30 something.

    Sweetheart has no choice but to move back to Taiwan with her mother, and due to a misunderstanding, she loses contact with Da Lang. He looks older than Show when he's younger than the guy. Mo Li i thought she would have a bigger role in this drama but she doesnt really serve a important role here unless she shows up later... i heard from the other forums that it's not following the book anymore? but watching two dramas that are currently air isnt really a good idea since im catchng up to HSM too but yeah AC is great Mmm HSM is doing rather well momo love isnt though ; P Wow thanks for telling me about that lee wei- rainie thingy hmm i think ive heard about that girl that died before was it like in a car accident or something i read articles on show and rainie going out you know any thing bout that? The scene with the accident in HSM made Rainie burst out into tears because it reminded her of the accident scene of Lee Wei's ex girlfriend.

    Reporter said that they read Rainie's blog saying she had cried when she heard about the GBA nomination..then she explained that actually she only started to cry, not when she was told she was nominated, but rather when she asked Show if he was also nominated, and he said yes Supporting each other before event Show Rainie We will be closer as we can Previous Interview Rainie 2Previous Interview Show20101005 Simulating being winners in YLBFBInterview together Promoting HMS together20101019 GBA nomination SR comments20100920 SA Promoting20101022 2After event1 2 3 4 5 6 7Walkin the red Carpet Rainie won Show hugs Rainie Speech thanking to Show Show did not win, Rainie criedhttps:// v=-k5N2ZPk Gu URainie said she’s the female version of Showhttps:// rumors of dating for about 4 months startshttps:// v=MAI-1m37xls28Show just came back from holiday in Hawaii and was asked if there is a chance Rainie and him may be a couple in the future..then he said that there is a chance they will work together again, and avoid reportesand and avoid making the rumour even deeper.

    HMS celebration party after the GBA (25-28)Show asked whether they will date in the future, and Show said that it was hard to tell.29Rainie and Show used to date?

    1)Miss no good promo 1 22)Together promo 1 2 3 43)HMS Fan Meet ------------- 11/05/2009 1 2 3 44) HMS Cast on 100% Entertainment King ------------- 11/20/2009 1 2 3 45) Rainie Listeng Music Show 21/12/2009 1 2 3 4 5 Mets Dancing King ge 1 26)Rainie & Love Fan Meet 02/01/2010 1 2 3 4 56)Rainie & Xiao Gui Friends Music Show 02/01/2010 1 2 3 4 57) 03/02/2010 Album Promo 18) Rainie's Concert Promo 19) 2010-05-05 Rainie's Black Moon MV Promo 1 September20Show & Rainie got got nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress for Hi My Sweetheart! HMS for Best Serieshttps://gov...t Node=5007&mp=5He called her after he called his mom.

    funny thing was, Rainie wasn't aware that she was nominated. she broke down after knowing both of them got nominated.

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